Worshiping Mani Mantra Sheet

Yutang Lin

Mani mantra sheet was blessed by Wei Tuo’s grace.
Its believers burn it to appeal for relief of sufferings.
Worthy of worship due to merits gathered in service,
It did inspire Guan Yin’s help to convert evil spirits.


In the year 1997 under the blessing of Bodhisattva Wei Tuo I wrote Guan Yin’s six syllable mantra in Chinese and printed it for free distribution so that more people may be helped by burning it to appeal to Wei Tuo. The other night I saw in a dream that this mantra sheet should be worshiped by making offerings to it. Therefore, I have it framed and placed it on a wall in my altar room. My interpretation is that, since the distribution of this mantra sheet it has helped relieved many cases of suffering and thereby accumulated much merit, therefore it has become worthy of worship. Yesterday Linda, a Buddhist in Singapore, emailed us to report a case of such relief. Her friend was bothered very severely by evil spirits, so she asked me to help her friend, and I asked Stanley Lam to mail her the mantra sheet for burning. As soon as the mantra sheet arrived, that night her friend saw Guan Yin came to bless her in a dream. The next night her friend’s son saw in a dream that the thousand-arm Guan Yin came to take away three evil spirits that was besieging his mother. Since then their house has become peaceful. Already the good result is there and yet the mantra sheets have not been burned. Therefore, I told them to worship the mantra sheet in their house.

Written in Chinese on June 27, 2001
Translated on July 15, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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