Facing Dharmadhatu

Yutang Lin


Considerations related to relations are biased;
How could causal conditions be manipulated?
Deciding one's actions by all relevant factors,
Not to fall into the circle of blind commotion.


Considerations of personal relations are prejudices based on each one's stand. Actual evolution of events involve too many complications; how could it be manipulated by anyone's self-centered wishful thinking? Realizing this point, one should not follow the worldly way to spend life in blind bustling. Instead, one had better decide the central activities of one's life by considering how they will affect the whole Dharmadhatu in the long run. The significance of one's activities does not rest in worldly evaluations but in their contribution to the whole Dharmadhatu.

Written in Chinese on July 24, 2001
Translated on August 5, 2001
El Cerrito, California


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