Spring Wind

Yutang Lin

Spring wind glides over field, where does it stay?
Justification unforgettable, mind is still attached.
No stopping one from taking self-righteous steps;
Causes and conditions intertwine to cast restrains.


Giving advice in accordance with the Dharma is an act born of Bodhicitta. It should be done in the way of the Spring wind. It blows equally over all things without special regard to particular objects. Even with good justification and reasons things could not be forced. Do one's best in counseling, and refrain upon rejection. Each one walks on an individual self-righteous way; there seems to be no way to manage it. Since things are shaped by causes and conditions, toward openness and enclosure are different paths. At the moment of running into a wall turning around could be expected. No need to labor in chattering, and thus entrapping both parties in restlessness.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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