Yutang Lin

Under same name are differences between cloud and mud.
A distance of heaven and abyss, how could they be akin?
Realization and salvation are professed in delusion;
Similar to a dreamer's life passed within ant colony.


Yogi Chen often taught that a common illness of many tantric practitioners is "counterfeiting," i.e., to claim beyond reality. Buddhist theories are very subtle and profound, while their realization is difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, now and again there are people who, either out of inability to know their own limits or with intention to deceit others, professed to be Gurus or Buddhas. They blindly lead deluded followers and thus plant the seed of downfall while engaging in building entangling connections. How pitiable is such folly!

Written in Chinese and translated on December 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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