Weighing in Giving and Taking Instructions

Yutang Lin

Giving instructions according to recipients and situations,
Always accommodating others is true liberation.
Consider both ends of accepting and rejecting, obeying and disobeying.
Paying attention to only setting boundary would loose the Dharmakaya!


Instruction in the Dharma should be given in accordance with recipients and situations. Thus the teachings are appropriate and not forced upon others, in agreement with the true wisdom of liberation. Between acceptance and rejection, obeying and disobeying, a student of the Dharma should consider both personal ability and progress on the path in order to achieve a balance. Do not pay attention only to personal gains and losses, likes and dislikes, thus setting boundaries for oneself but losing the Dharmakaya of limitless oneness.

Written in Chinese on August 11, 2000
Translated on August 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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