Worldly Games

Yutang Lin

Many Patriarchs renounced worldly life to practice in solitude,
Aiming only at thorough realization to help all sentient beings.
Now people follow the path in superficial and pretentious ways;
Falling into worldly games that bustle and hustle around in vain.


Starting with Prince Siddhartha so many patriarchs and ancient worthy ones renounced worldly life, even gave up caring for livelihood, to practice in solitude. They willingly accepted the hardships entailed in such spiritual quests so as to achieve thorough realization of original purity, and thereby to be able to help all sentient beings. Nowadays many people learn Buddhism only at the level of conceptual playing and superficial adoption. Consequently, such process has fallen into a kind of worldly games and a way to secure livelihood. May sincere practitioners take note of this important distinction lest they become beguiled into such sting operation.

Written in Chinese on April 2, 2001
Translated on April 3, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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