A Way out

Yutang Lin

Pressing circumstances mold the abyss of despair;
Seeing no escape from depression, how confused!
Alleviating karmic debts and accumulating merits,
Based on Bodhicitta to practice the Buddhist path.


Changes in circumstances could be drastic and abrupt. All sorts of hardship gathered, leaving no exit in sight. Some would then commit suicide or even brought others to go together on the desperate path. Even after death karmic debts are still due. When paying back karmic debts in next life the same bewilderment would remain. A solid solution is to follow the Buddhist path in reducing karmic debts and accumulating merits through practices that are based on Bodhicitta. In order to escape from sufferings the ultimate approach is to focus on the development of Bodhicitta through cultivation of wisdom and compassion simultaneously in all activities.

Written in Chinese on October 14, 2001
Translated on October 16, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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