Brave Ma Granting Pledge

Yutang Lin

Brave Ma with painted face guarded side and corner,
Declaring the intention to offer decoration grandeur.
Only waiting till the storage of merits reaches sufficiency,
All would be spent for gold leaves to paint Dharma cabinet.


Early this morning in a dream I saw two Protectresses. Both with painted face and sat steadily inside a room; one at the center of one side and the other in an adjacent corner. The Brave Ma on the side told me, "Wait till my storage is sufficient, I will transform all of them into gold leaves (concurrently she made the lips into a blowing gesture) to paint all over a Dharma cabinet." Then there appeared a cabinet with a top extending sidewise in both directions, resembling a rectangular desktop, and she said, "Just like this one." Then she repeated twice with gradually fading voice, "It will definitely become realized." I was deeply moved. Dharma activities are naturally guided and protected by holy beings. Dharma practitioners should not act in reaction to worldly situations. From the revelation above it is plain to see that offerings made by Dharma protectors are obtained through accumulated merits and services; they are not miraculous manifestations out of nothingness. All fruits of their dedicated service are intended for further Dharma service and offering. How could we repay such selfless and noble kindness except by single-minded Dharma practice and propagation? As I recorded this inspiration I was moved to tears. Such dedication of the holy mothers will always be remembered by sincere practitioners.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 13, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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