Lights Auspicious Flashing

Yutang Lin

Nectar falling on the fire altar while Manjusri worshipped;
Bright flames danced forth vigorously like dragons dashing.
Repeatedly, auspicious lights flashed around the platform,
Without thunders and lightening to demonstrate a miracle.


Yesterday was the thirteenth Memorial Day of Yogi Chen. After offering vases and releasing lives at sea, we went up to the mountain to perform a fire puja to Manjusri, the great Bodhisattva. Rain was constantly falling on the fire altar. Nevertheless, bright and vigorous flames kept pouring out upwards and in all directions. As I looked on for a while, the flames moved about and shaped like dragons dancing. There was one Buddhist with a camera, and hence some flash lights. However, while that camera was not in use, there were seven or eight instances of lights flashing on the platform near the fire altar. Each instance was witnessed by one to four of the seven persons present. That day was completely without thunders or lightening. There was no apparent reason for those flashing lights, as bright as the flashlight of a camera. I believe that those were miraculous inspirations from Manjusri. Therefore, I am writing this record.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 14, 2000
El Cerrito, California


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