Vajra Hell

Yutang Lin

Vajra silas carefully observed would speed up attainment.
Knowingly violating the rules would cause downfall deep.
Custody and punishment in Vajra Hell last extremely long.
With pity on such stray they are included in Powa services.


Advanced teachings in Vajrayana are related to speedy attainment of realization and direct activities of salvation. Therefore, its special silas (rules of conduct) should be carefully observed to promote earlier attainment. In addition, violation of such rules would incur very severe punishment. There is even a so-called "Vajra Hell" that was established specifically for the imprisonment and reform of tantric practitioners who had committed such violations. During Powa services I usually throw rice as blessing to beings in the six realms, one realm at a time. Recently it has occurred to me that some people are already on the inmate list of Vajra Hell, hence I have added throwing rice to beings in this hell.

Written in Chinese on May 6, 2001
Translated on May 7, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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