Realistic Explanation

Yutang Lin

Expounding causal sequences to help make choices
Realistic be only when all aspects are fully covered.
Demanding compliance to high ideals out of reality
Difficulty increased like adding frost all over snow.


To stop violence by violence could run into a vicious circle and pull all involved into a treacherous whirlpool. Expounding this causal sequence could help parties involved to make wise choices as to their courses of actions and reactions. Unfortunately, people's courses of actions are not rationally controlled by their understanding of causal consequences. Therefore, it is unrealistic to request or demand any one party to comply with high ideals. If ideals that are out of touch with reality were advocated, it would only pour puzzles over muddles.

Written in Chinese on September 21, 2001
Translated on September 23, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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