No Complaints

Yutang Lin

Worldly affairs may vary beyond comprehension;
Tying thoughts on matters weaves web of sorrow.
How could human relations become manageable?
Clear mind of complaints by viewing all equally.


It is customary for people to be engulfed in thoughts related to personal relations, and few could stop such worries. Affairs of the world are so devious and diverse; how could we follow each and every matter in thought to think it over? With this reflection in mind, we should realize that the relational problems that we are concerned about are just a few of all the matters in the world that we could not waste our lives on in this fashion. Once we stop the mumbling complaints in our mind clarity and tranquility would soon resume their presence.

Written in Chinese on August 24, 2001
Translated on August 29, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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