Turned back

Yutang Lin

Traveling in dream I approached hell realm.
"Good man, please go back from this area."
Good and evil paths are difficult to harmonize.
Then I appreciated Di Zangs depth of freedom.


A few days ago I was approaching the hell realm in a dream. Right then a man appeared with a sign in his right hand. He bent his upper body halfway forward to the left side of the road, and said, "This is a restricted area. Good man reaching here please go back." From this experience I realized how great the Bodhisattva Di Zang (Earth Treasure; Ksitigarbha) is that he can go into hell realms at will to save the suffering beings of sinful karmas there. When a practitioners realization of Sunyata (Blank Essence) has not transcended the discrimination of good and evil, he or she is limited to the path of goodness, and consequently cannot reach beings in the worse realms to help them.

Written in Chinese on January 29, 2001
Translated on January 30, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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