Wisdom, Five in One

Yutang Lin

Wondrous Observation in boundless mirror reveals all;
Everything is equal in sharing the lack of absolute self;
Accomplishing the liberation of beings upon occasions,
Real wisdom flows continuously through no adherence.


The wisdom of enlightenment is inconceivable. In an attempt to describe it in five aspects it is labeled as the five wisdoms. The Great Round Mirror Wisdom refers to its truthful representation of all phenomena. The Wondrous Observation Wisdom refers to its thorough understanding of all the causal conditions and connections. The Dharmadhatu Essence Wisdom refers to its being in limitless oneness. The Equal Essence Wisdom refers to its insight of seeing all things equally as selfless. The Accomplishing Activities Wisdom refers to its liberating blessings to beings in all occasions. These wisdoms are five in name only; they are in oneness. As a boundless mirror it observes all details. All things are equally selfless; thus selflessness is the universal essence. Abiding in selflessness liberates all antagonism to accomplish salvation from suffering. Fundamentally, real wisdom is clear, selfless and free of hindrance because there is no adherence to concepts and senses.

Written in Chinese on July 30, 2000
Translated on July 31, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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