At Ease in Solitude

Yutang Lin

Loved ones left, illness heavy, disasters faced,
Support of friendship would last but not for long.
Sooner or later all trials are going through alone.
Being accustomed to solitude renders balance easy.


Good situations do not last forever. Separation of loved ones, sickness or injury, natural calamities or disasters caused by humans, may fall upon us at any moment. Even if fortunately friendly helps are extended to us, at long last such efforts are likely to fade away. Real trials are always to be taken up all alone; there is no such substitute. Being accustomed to solitude in daily life, and relying on walking the right path of a conscientious mind, then when turmoil arrives, it would be easier to maintain a balanced state of mind, and consequently one can handle situations at ease.

Written in Chinese on February 10, 2001
Translated on February 12, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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