Cycle of Revenge

Yutang Lin

Cycle of revenge would not cease its spinning;
Digging a grave together for both to be buried?
Self-righteousness and violence, real evildoers.
Tolerance and mutual help will be peacekeepers.


Many individuals or groups that are intimately connected but antagonistic to each other are engaging in cycles of revenge, even to the extent of employing violence and killing. To a bystander they seem to be cooperating in digging a common grave, and compete with each other to reach the goal of earlier burial for both together. In fact, both sides are victims of the same evildoer that consists of violence and a mentality and attitude of selfishness and self-centered righteousness. Wish that all who are deeply engulfed in such whirlpools could soon awake to the real situation and realize where the problem truly lies, so that they would give up violence and narrow-minded antagonistic attitudes, and instead adopt tolerance and mutual help to attain common peace.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 19, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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