Yutang Lin

Wind comes, waves swing, ripples are there;
Rings crossing rings, an illusive web weaved.
Crests and troughs, all from water the same;
Now high, now low, gradually spreading afar.


In view of the limitless depth and breadth of Dharmadhatu worldly affairs are indeed of minor significance. Nevertheless, most people are floating up and down the rapids of worldly circumstances, and even trapped circling within the tiny maze of self-centeredness. Living one's life in accordance with Buddhist principles and cultivating Dharma practices would enable the mind to stay away from worldly entanglements. Furthermore, the mind would gradually resume its natural clarity and tranquility. Then one would realize the limitless openness of the Dharmadhatu and the transient nature of worldly affairs. From such awareness one would then convey the wisdom and compassion of limitless oneness through actions and inaction in daily life. Thus, life is not just purified but also sublimated into activities based on Bodhicitta vows.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 16, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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