Without Breaks

Yutang Lin

At home only after being hammered into one piece.
Practice should last even in sleep, dream and death.
Relying only on consciousness will inevitably end.
Renouncing all grasping to self results in no breaks


The ideal achievement of Buddhist practices is the realization of being hammered into one piece. (That means a uniform continuity that might even transcend duality.) In Buddhist Tantra there are even all sorts of practices that make use of one wake, sleep, dreams and death so that not even a wink would be wasted. To achieve no gaps in one practice it could not be sustained only by consciousness. Relying totally on consciousness would eventually meet the end of a period. Real achievement of continuity without breaks could only be cultivated through renunciation of grasping to self. Give up all thoughts and considerations related to one self and merge into the Bodhicitta that is originally there in the Dharmadhatu. This Bodhicitta is nothing other than the way that the whole Dharmadhatu naturally unifies into oneness and operates. It has neither beginning nor ending, and continues without breaks.

Written in Chinese on August 2, 2001
Translated on August 9, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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