The Key to Right Path

Yutang Lin

Paths vary and practitioners differ to great extent;
Choosing practice by appearance could be wrong.
Self-centered approaches get stuck here and there;
Advance in any way only through non-self would.


So many approaches are labeled a path of the Dharma, and so variegated are people that are adopting spiritual practices, how to choose the right path? If it were to be decided by formal appearances, there could be great mistakes incurred. The key to deciding whether a practice is qualified as a right path for the Dharma or not lies in its accordance with non-self. With self-centered intentions and views any "Dharma practice" would become a stray way. When the intention to practice and attain non-self is sincere and thorough, all sorts of approaches may be adopted to help attain realization of Enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on March 30, 2001
Translated on March 31, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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