Paying No Attention

Yutang Lin

No way to reason with such bold and reckless moves.
Forward or retreat, both groundless, stalemate formed.
Keeping a safe distance so as to pay no attention.
Each stays among similar kind to be comfortable.


When unreasonable situation arises, only way out is to keep a safe distance. Each stays in the company of similar kind; may peace be on earth. The Chinese original begins each line with an adage; that makes it rather interesting. Nowadays I have been preoccupied by many Dharma activities. When inspirations came I simply jotted down a few words on a piece of paper. In the early morning of Nov. 24 I wrote them down, one by one, into poems. In eighty minutes I finished composing eight poems; and they concluded with this one.

Written in Chinese on November 24, 2000
Translated on November 28, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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