Common Karma

Yutang Lin

Complex and disoriented activities created stormy waves,
Driven by illusive grasping to stir up whirlpools profound.
Shining through fog of delusion is wisdom of selflessness;
Pacifying agitating turmoil relies on empathic compassion.


The development of common karma is as unavoidable as stormy waves at sea; it is further propelled into inescapable whirlpools through reactions driven by grasping to appearance. Fundamental solution rests both in the wisdom that is not limited by prejudices but expands to a panoramic view and in the empathic compassion that feels others' suffering and problems as one's own. Without cultivation of such wisdom and compassion one would continue to go through life and death in transmigration and to repeat similar mistakes and suffering without end. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have learned the Dharma we should do our utmost to guard this root to salvation and propagate the teachings.

Written in Chinese on September 15, 2001
Translated on September 16, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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