Giving Self up

Yutang Lin

Go no further into the haunting sorrows that are present.
Consider instead how to respond to benefit all involved.
Discarding what is hard to endure will lighten the load.
Yielding to others' conveniences will open one's mind.


Chod, the tantric practice of cutting through, as taught by the female patriarch Machig Labdron simultaneously combines cutting attachment to body and making offerings to all beings into a superb practice. Now in the light of such wondrous unification of wisdom and compassion, one may apply the teaching to the cutting out of self-grasping. Since grasping to self is hard to discern one can confront only the sorrows that spring up in daily life. When one becomes aware of some sorrow or worry, on the one hand, one should practice not paying attention to it any further so as to get out of its shadow, simultaneously on the other hand, one should consider instead how to behave and respond so as to benefit all involved. In this way, whenever sorrows arise, one endeavors to practice giving self up to benefit others. Then all sorrows that are hard to endure will gradually dissipate out of neglect, while one's mind will gradually open up with the habit of making things convenient for others.

May this indication of how to extend the teaching of Chod into daily life handling of sorrows and application of compassionate tolerance serve as a small token of my gratitude to the skillful teachings of Ma Machig.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 13, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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