One Thought Free from Selfishness

Yutang Lin

One thought free from selfishness would merge into the universe;
Wondrous powers of wisdom and compassion are inconceivable.
The slightest trace of preference means self-imposed limitation;
Yet one would blame chanting Buddha's name as of no consequence.


In Sutras it is often stated that one recitation of Buddha's name would yield boundless merits and powerful uses. However, ordinary recitation does not seem to yield any results. It does not mean that the Sutras are mistaken; it is just that one recitation of Buddha's name need to be completely free from traces of self-centeredness in order to yield wondrous uses of boundless compassion and wisdom. Do not blame the wrong side because of one's lack of reflection on one's own impurity.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 30, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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