Passing down Dharma Seals

Yutang Lin

Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, gems proclaimed by seals.
Bodhi intention and kind wishes carried on by comrades.
Profound virtue can be witnessed only through actions.
Deep fragrance smelled by people even from afar.


Professor Chin Tang Lo introduced his classmate, a senior upasaka, Mr. Fu Chung Chao to me. Since then Mr. Chao has often granted me his teachings through letters. He composed a book consisting of more than two hundred couplets (a special Chinese style of paired phrases or sentences). When I finished reading this book there was naturally a sense of respect in my mind. Not long ago he mailed me a sheet of his seals for me to choose whichever I like. Thereupon I chose three seals with the engravings: Sui Yuan (accommodating to situations), Yan Nian (lengthening years), and shape of a cock. I also added the comment: Buddha, being selfless, is accommodating to situations; Dharma, with lengthening years, will benefit the world; Sangha, propagating the teachings upon occasions, just as a cock crows endlessly. Please bestowed on me these seals representing the triple gems, and I would use them often on letters so that your Dharma connection with people may increase. Soon afterwards the seals arrived. These seals represent Bodhi intentions and compassionate wishes and were originally in the treasured possession of Mr. Chao whose name means Buddha Cherishing. Now their coming to me certainly marked a passing down of Dharma seals. This article is entitled thus accordingly.

Written in Chinese on January 2, 2001
Translated on January 3, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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