Yutang Lin

How could single effort clear a multitude of karma?
Especially when grudge debt owed over many lives.
Buddhas' blessings transform animosity into naught.
Salvation of all beings as a whole has never stopped.


Some asked, "In case of big tragic events when many victims passed away, how to perform Powa to help those deceased beings?" No matter the number of deceased is large or small, when Powa is performed they are all visualized as gathered into the Nirmanakaya of Amitabha Buddha, and in addition all those beings in the Dharmadhatu that need this blessing are included. How could the single effort of a practitioner suffice to carry out such a tremendous task of salvation? Not to mention the fact that usually each individual's karma is accumulated over many past lives and hence very complicated and burdensome; consequently, just to clear one being's karma is already very difficult, how could the heavy accumulation of karmas of so many beings be evacuated simultaneously? Powa could accomplish such extraordinary salvation precisely because it is relying not on one practitioner's single effort but on the blessings of all Buddhas in the Dharmadhatu. The practitioner is just like a garbageman who collects karmas into one huge bundle, and the endless blessings of all Buddhas is like a caravan of garbage trucks that continues to pick up and remove karmas. Therefore, the huge accumulation of karmas of so many deceased beings could be completely evacuated through Powa.

Written in Chinese on September 21, 2001
Translated on September 23, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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