Where to Apply Efforts

Yutang Lin

Buddhist theories are subtle and hard to grasp;
Nets of concepts could easily blind and hinder.
Recognize self-imposed limits and attachments;
One by one apply efforts to break through.


In Buddhism there are various theories that are all profound and subtle; consequently they are not easy to master. Some would learn the theories without practicing them, while others might even become confined within the net of conceptual thoughts. To practice on the path of liberation it is not necessary to rely on words or speeches; in Buddhist practices there is the approach of Chan (Zen) which transcends theoretical teachings. A practitioner should rely on repetition of Buddha's name or mantras, recitation of sutras, making prostration to Buddhas, and meditation to gradually disengage the entanglements. As to the fundamental spot to apply efforts on the path of practice it would be to learn to recognize conceptual limitations and attachments that are self-imposed in order to break through them one by one, layer by layer.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 28, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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