Empty Talks

Yutang Lin

Full of Dharma terms as if written by experts,
Yet empty of content without self-awareness.
Sooner or later trials of life have to be faced;
Lack of practice would yield panic responses.


Some articles on the Dharma are full of technical terms, and seem to be written by knowledgeable experts. Nevertheless, the contents are merely vain talks that indicate lack of practical experiences on the part of the author. As to the suffering of senility, sickness and death, how many could avoid? And when will it arrive? If we don't start to practice early, it is inevitable that we would face it in panic. Rather than to use Dharma as materials for playing with words one had better adopt serious practice according to the Dharma.

Written in Chinese on July 10, 2001
Translated on July 18, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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