Direct Experiences

Yutang Lin

Essence empty while presence wondrous is philosophy profound,
Could life-long studies into all Sutras guarantee fine comprehension?
Rather observe sounds, colors and shapes in direct experiences now,
Vividly present and constantly changing without traces to grasp.


The theory of Sunyata (emptiness, blank essence) would be easier to expound after training in philosophical analyses. To present harmoniously the theory of "empty essence concurrent with wondrous presence" would require skillful attention of both ends so as not to fall into one-sided views. Nevertheless, directly observing the contents of immediate experiences turns out to be easier to help comprehend the following: Whatever is experienced is vividly present yet impossible to grasp. Impossible to grasp is described as "essence empty"; vividly present and transforms is described as "wondrous presence."

Written in Chinese on September 8, 2000
Translated on September 9, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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