Walking on the Path

Yutang Lin

Original purity is free from choosing and discarding;
Pedagogically rules were set up and called the path.
Reins of formality could backfire to pull and hinder.
Only stepping without deviation can stay on the path.


The goal of Buddhist teachings is the realization of original purity. In original purity there is no artificial distinctions of concepts and preferences. In order to guide beings out of suffering theories and rules were set up to indicate the right path toward liberation. Nevertheless, once formality and rules are in place, they could be misused by people into creating a worldly profession, or become additional bondage to people with habitual tendency to grasp tightly to things. How to act in accordance with the selfless right path is indeed very difficult to discern. Before putting down each step a sincere practitioner should always reflect on whether there is some bias or not, only then could he or she avoid going astray.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 13, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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