Yutang Lin

Walking alone on the path quiet and profound,
Dharma joy experienced yet not easy to convey.
Transmitted via poems but treasured only by few;
Steadfast stepping forward without taking breaks.


Thanks to the special favor of Upasaka Fu Chung Chao I was once again bestowed with significant presents: a book by him, "Three States of Life," and two seals: Zi De (Self-enjoying) and shape of a kylin, a mystical auspicious animal. In gratitude I wrote this poem to record it. Over the years I have been propagating the Dharma with the intention to help people, and yet only very few would become fully devoted to Dharma practice and service. Nevertheless, I would not become unworthy of the Dharma joy I have experienced, and have never ceased to continue my efforts on the path.

The night after I received the seals in the mail I saw in a dream a letter from Seong Yeow expressing need to obtain an item on my desk. For so many years he has been offering me countless seals designed and carved by him. Now that there was this omen, so I decided right away to offer the kylin seal to him. On the one had, this would spread the kindness and generosity of Upasaka Chao further; on the other hand, through such grateful repay of kindness I am expressing my approval of the saying that, a precious sword should be offered to a hero.

Written in Chinese on January 17, 2001
Translated on January 18, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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