Gathering Nectars without Rest

Yutang Lin

Poems and gathas revealing reflections are in hundreds already;
Nectars of Dharma are offered to cultivate wisdom lives of all.
Guide poles are planted along the path to provide references.
Diligently recording without rest to repay appreciators.


Reflections and experiences of my life as a practitioner have been transcribed into poems and gathas that are amended with brief comments to illuminate their contents. So far there are over two hundred such articles. At times it would seem enough has been written down for others so that I might as well stop writing. Then I could be completely free from reflections to merge into the great ease of limitless oneness. However, as I glanced over my works I realized that such nectars of Dharma, if not gathered as they came about, could hardly be captured again. In order to offer references to the public who are interested in Buddhist studies and practices there is indeed the need for me to continue writing them down. Not to mention the fact that they are well received by many and attracting many appreciators. Such sympathetic responses inspire me to advance further in this endeavor to the point of forgetting to rest for a while.

Written in Chinese on August 11, 2000
Translated on August 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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