Applying Efforts

Yutang Lin

Key to awakening is realization of delusion of self;
Alas! Self-interest is the customary practice for all.
Where to apply efforts is up to each one?s decision;
Going in wrong direction means no end to suffering.


Buddhist teachings aim at helping people to regain clarity of mind so that this transient human life may be lived wisely to benefit all. Most fundamental to Buddhist practices is the eradication of each person?s self-centeredness. Self-centeredness limits one?s view into prejudices and forms a selfish mentality. Only when a practitioner has made significant changes on this crucial point could other high ideals be really touched. Nevertheless, the eradication of self-centeredness happens to be contrary to social customs; therefore, it is very difficult to put it into action. Solid practice on this crucial point depends totally on inner reflection and resolution; others could not reach in to help. May sincere practitioners pay attention to applying efforts on reducing self-centeredness! Many Buddhists overlooked this fundamental crucial point and lost their way under the delusion of wishing for self-gain. Some with such deep-rooted self-centeredness that they even committed unwholesome activities; consequently, the bad karma enhanced their grasping to self-interest and drove them even further away from the right course. Such cases certainly aroused much pity and compassion.

Written in Chinese on August 30, 2001
Translated on August 31, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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