All-round beyond Blockage

Yutang Lin

Disregarding branching issues but not out of carelessness;
Could broad-mindedness be the same as being negligent?
Perfectly corresponding to time, place, and conditions,
Act in the spirit of the harmony of oneness of all involved.


Some explained "all-round" as not being hindered by minor points. Were that the case, carelessness would resemble it. Not being bothered by branching issues of minor consequences could be called "broad-minded." However, it is still far from being all-round. Having mastered the harmony of theory and practice, acting exactly in accordance with the time, place and conditions involved so that it is a perfect balance of all factors, this could then be called "all-round." "All-round" describes the state of oneness of all; how could there be distinctions of trunk and branches?

Written in Chinese on October 24, 2000
Translated on October 25, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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