Trail of Intentions

Yutang Lin

Intentions are subtle and easily overlooked;
Light or loaded gradually becomes distinct.
Choices and steps are up to each individual;
Nothing to do with others?praise or censure.


Intentions and considerations are private to each one and difficult to detect, hence they are easily overlooked or covered up. However, in the long run they would gradually decide the course toward the two extreme states of mind of being open and light or sorrowful and burdened. For Dharma practices and applications one should pay attention to reflecting on motivations and considerations. As to worldly criticisms and evaluations they are indeed unrelated to peace of one conscience. One should not be confused by others?comments to fall into incessant self-disturbance.

Written in Chinese on July 12, 2001
Translated on July 19, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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