Fluttering the Gesar Flag

Yutang Lin

The Gesar flag flutters to guard the Dharma gate.
Morning nectar and evening incense offered for years.
Holy image in a frame appeared, wanting to be worshipped.
Invoked accordingly to ensure propagation of the teachings.


The Gesar flag that Seong Yeow gave me has been raised in front of my house for years. Every morning I spread some water to it from a distance as a gesture of offering nectars. At the three mealtimes smoke offerings are presented to local earth gods and the holy beings on the Gesar flag. Not long ago I dreamed of an image of Gesar in a frame. I interpreted its significance as his wanting to be worshipped in the altar room. Therefore, I asked Stanley to look for an image for me. Today is the 10th day of the lunar month when tantric practitioners present offerings to Gurus. The image of Gesar happened to arrive on such an auspicious day. I immediately framed it and performed the ritual to invoke his presence. After years of dedicated worship and offering it is often the case that the protectors would grant special blessings. Now that I have been blessed with this special inspiration, I put it down briefly as a record to inspire others.

Written in Chinese and translated on Dec. 5, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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