Subtle Knots

Yutang Lin

Body and mind interact and share entanglements.
To dissolve the bondage one works on both ends.
Subtle knots are traceless; where should we start?
Think of the Dharmadhatu often to set them free!


Body and mind are mutually interactive, and hence they form entanglements together. Practicing the Dharma to dissolve bondage of body and mind one should work on both ends simultaneously. Theoretically we should do so; however, in reality, subtle knots that are hidden deeply within the body and mind complex could not be traced. Only after coarse knots that formed outer layers of the bondage have been dissolved will the subtle knots occasionally surface. In order to dissolve the subtle knots one could only attempt to enlarge one view and mind by reminding oneself constantly of the infinite depth and width of the Dharmadhatu until the hidden "tiny viewpoints" could not be sustained. Then they will one by one from time to time suddenly emerge and dissolve away.

Written in Chinese on July 10, 2001
Translated on July 19, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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