Measuring Buddha

Yutang Lin

Wishful prayers not answered become reasons for disbelief.
How could operations of the limitless oneness be measured?
Guessing and gauging by personal standards are too far-off.
Difficult to see that past deeds could not yield desired fruits.


Some prayed to Buddha for realization of personal wishes. When such prayers are not answered, they would claim that Buddha's blessings are not effective. The Dharmadhatu is infinitely complex; therefore, the causal connections are very difficult to understand. Personal wishful requests are often not in accordance with causal conditions. How could the order of the whole universe be bent to suit a person's preferences? Some people that failed to recognize the limitation of their own karmic deeds and fruits would readily blame Buddha for being ineffectual. To measure oceans by liters already amounts to an impossible job, not to mention measuring boundless Buddha by finite views and concepts.

Written in Chinese on April 17, 2001
Translated on April 18, 2001
El Cerrito, California

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