Universally Responding

Yutang Lin

Table of Contents

Lack of Comprehension Direction Passing through Hands Cries of Suffering
Clarity in Quietude A Drip in Ocean Bodhi Vows Air Remaining
Gentle Breeze On Boxes Arranging Elective Courses
Internet Pure Faith Learning Unlimited Indicating.
Choosing Statements of Law Not to Forget Name and Substance
No Need Endless Transformation Net of Thoughts Personal Choice
One Taste Likes and Dislikes Merging Learning to Offer
Too Minute Free from Worldliness Main Points Karmic Hindrance
Exercising Toes Daily Recording Making Good Use Instant Wealth
Beyond Human Efforts Pure Propagation Pulling Firewoods. Taking Turns
Circulation No Exceptions Quicksand Death or Life
Mental Cocoon Maintaining Respect Opportunistic Attitude On the Buddhist Path
Self-appointed "Right Dharma" Not Demanding Perfection Illness as Mirror Practicing through Sickness
Losing All at Once All Acceptable Exploiting Unaware of Impermanence
Main Subject One-finger Awakening Cease Complaining Praying for Offspring
Supplicating Pronunciation of Mantras Delusive Aspiration Lack of Opportunity
Response In Absence of Antagonism Strong Quakes Open Vision
No Conflict Well-trained Precious Vase Guan Yin Responding to All Requests
Causes and Consequences Thirty-two Kinds of Responses Karmic Creditors Giving without Grasping
Freedom As If Come Originally One in Harmony Simultaneous Attainment
Open Youngsters' Eyes Colored-sand Mandala No Reservation Cycle of Evil Karma
Unbound by Perception Pure Offering Mani Rings Bubbles
According to Harmony Relentless Scolding Melting in Harmony Universal Dedication
Complete Accordance The Joy of Living Piles Removed Equal-minded
Congested Limitless Oneness Naturally Free from Reliance Awakening through Helping Others
Always Yielding. Individual Body Simplify Single-minded
Means of Salvation Fortunate Connection Gift Only General Comments
Impermanence at this Instant Not to Stir up What's the Hurry? It's a Pity!
To Recognize the Common Fate Making Good Use Based on Sincerity Turning Around.
Beyond Reasoning No Time for Self-interests Wholeheartedly Altruistic. Comprehending the Sequential Connections
Next Step Common Recognition. Plain and Simple. Unification of High and Low
Direct Experiences High and Low Now Comedians
Empathy Active Renunciation To Build Dharma Connections Time Will Tell
Buddha of Conquest. No Hurry Self-awakening Transcendence through Compassion
Inconceivable Thorough Realization of Oneness Reflecting after Death Universal Wish
Appreciating the Opportunity Fakery Clearing the Mind Naturally
Reunion with Ocean Continuous Uses from Tranquility Conversion in Dream Mind Bothered.
Karmic Strings Indicating the Right Way Responsibility in Oneness Spreading
Supplication for Deceased Beings Raining in Australia No Doubts Window of Opportunity
Reflection in Silence Universal Peace Life-long Learning Offering and Attending
Undertaking the Mission Similar Empowering Deep Silence
Striding across Requesting Powa for Ancestors Continuing to Spread Blessings Realizing One's Minuteness
Mercy for All Wind Sweeping Leaves Recognizing as a Matter One but not Alone
Resuming Baby Innocence Great Scale of Dharmadhatu. As You Like It Observing the Sequential Order
In Transmigration Only Suffering Leading to Buddhahood? Distant Sightings Dharma Discussions
Guiding toward Bodhi Gliding through Serving as a Bridge Both Solid and Empty
The Middle Way Root and Twigs Undertaking Final Ending
Barely Escaped Mrs. Sydney Limtiaco's Experience with Dr. Lin's Powa Service Awakening through Observation Ancestors' Calling for Help
Not to Be Self-limited Not to Add Pain Meritorious Adornment To Benefit All Beings
Doing Good without Preconception Complete Revelation Mistaken Recognition Irrelevant
At Ease with Uncertainty Could Not Be Forced Buddha's Son Untold Secrets
Double Standard Good Will Choosing to Cultivate Good Will Long Solitude
Why No Arguing Running after Appearances Guru as Buddha Labyrinth
Following Self-interests Upasaka. Inspiration of Great Compassion Away from Self
Receiving Offerings Drawing Lines Teachable For Others
Respect Others' Wills Shared Suffering Discard Early Careful in Speech
Free from Dependence Sources of Chaos Respect Elders Accept
Tolerate through  

My Bodhicitta Vows
(Used for Dedication of Merits)

Dr. Yutang Lin

1. May virtuous gurus remain with us and those departed return soon!
2. May perverse views and violence soon become extinct and Dharma spread without hindrance!
3. May all beings proceed diligently on the path and achieve Buddhahood before death!
4. May all beings develop Great Compassion and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!
5. May all beings develop Great Wisdom and never regress until they reach perfect Buddhahood!


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Thanks to all Buddhists who helped the publication of this booklet.

Universally Responding

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