Indicating the Right Way

Yutang Lin

Indicating the right way out of compassion,
Only afraid that many would be misguided.
Not the same as worldly fighting over gain,
Dharma activities will root only in sincerity.


The fundamental requirement for genuine Dharma practices is sincerity. Only through abstention from worldly competitions can one concentrate wholeheartedly on Dharma practices and activities. Therefore, a serious practitioner would have no time to deal with those who pretend to know the teachings or to have the proper transmission from Gurus, or commit piracy for worldly gains. Such deeds of self-deceit mixed with cheating the public would certainly bring serious consequences for themselves because people would sooner or later find out the facts. Nevertheless, lest many who are not aware of the facts would be fooled by such practices and thereby lost the right path, I was obliged to post a statement at Yogi Chen's Homepage to remind the public to be careful in their discernment of the right path.

Written in Chinese on November 30, 2002
Translated on December 1, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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