Conversion in Dream

Written in Chinese by Dr. Yutang Lin
Translated by Stanley Lam

Yesterday I had just recorded in an article the incident of dream teachings by Yogi Chen to Mr. Lee in Canada. I also mentioned in the article that such kind of teaching and conversion had also been made to some that he never met when he was still alive. Today I just received a letter from Huang Xin (the name in English he used on the envelop is Huynh Duong) of Paris, in which he mentioned his experience of receiving teachings from Yogi Chen in a dream, even though he never knew of Yogi Chen before the dream.

In order to spread such inspirational stories as an encouragement to those who wish to become practitioners, his letter is copied below:

Senior Lin,

In March this year I had the opportunity to respectfully read the precious Buddhist books of Yogi Chen. Two years ago in the early morning of January 7, 2000, I had a rare and special auspicious dream. The dream unfolded as follows (I woke up from the dream at seven o'clock in the morning):

Informed and understood: Meritorious Condition Coming from Space

On a clear and bright day, I suddenly arrived at the front yard of a wide and spacious monastery. I saw a stone stairway leading to a platform with high handrail. I suddenly had a childish impulse; so I climbed up to sit riding over the handrail. I looked around into far away places. Suddenly I saw a red-robed lama sitting on a stone chair. The old monk waved at me and said to me with a kind smile, "Young fellow, don't sit too high. You see, it would be very dangerous if you fell down, but it would be firm and stable to sit on a place like mine. Come down to see me quickly." I then obediently went up to the front of the old monk. With a kind and friendly face, he asked, "What's your current occupation?" I replied, "I am a chef in charge of frying dishes; I have been doing it for twenty odd years." The old man shook his head and said, "Oh! What a pity! What a pity!" and then told me, "Let go, let go." I responded by asking, "Should I do it now?" He said, "No. Now you need to support your wife and child, so you need to wait for an appropriate time to let go." After he said so, I saw the old saintly monk consecutively radiated huge red light from the top of his head for three times. Then I told him, "I saw you radiated red light from the top of your head for three times." He responded modestly, "Too much praise! Too much praise!" After he said so, I immediately woke up and felt incredible. I kept asking in my mind, "Who was this sage?" I had never met him, but he knew clearly that I had a family with wife and child (just one boy, already 14-year old this year). I thought about it many times but still could not figure it out. Until March this year, a friend of mine gave me a copy of volume 8 of "Qu Gong Zhai" books (Yogi Chen's Collected Works). When I paged through the first few color-photo pages, I immediately recognized that this Yogi Chen was the sage that I had been looking for. Right away my joy was beyond description. The old master's compassion converts sentient beings unceasingly. This is no different from Buddha, with great and immeasurable merit. This student has, in my heart, silently regarded Yogi Chen Teacher Buddha as my second master, because I have followed a good master beforehand. Although Buddhas are beyond temporal order, Buddhist students still go through temporal sequence to learn from various teachers.

Wish you auspicious in all and all your wishes fulfilled!

Paris Buddhist Upasaka Huang Xin
November 17, 2002

Written in Chinese on November 26, 2002
El Cerrito, California

Translated on November 29, 2002
Hong Kong

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