Drawing Lines

Yutang Lin

Paying attention to any point is a personal inclination;
Drawing lines to block others also create cell for self.
Violent forces abruptly applied hurt everyone around.
For sentient beings to nurture life, peace is mandatory.


Wherever the attention will be applied varies with individuals; hence it is a matter of personal preference, and originally there is nothing that matters out of its own accord. Once some boundaries are chosen, they block others as well as confining oneself. Violent forces once applied, there could be none that remains unharmed. Enforcers and victims receive hurt and suffer in their respective ways. If oneness of all could be comprehended, protection of lives would be understood. In order to obtain long-term security, maintenance of peace is the first basic step.

Written in Chinese on March 10, 2003
Translated on March 14, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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