Raining in Australia

Yutang Lin

Extended drought yields longing for rain; we pray to Dragon King.
As soon as a precious vase was filled, his grace came down in rain.
In California we offered vases at the Dragon palace on a sunny day;
Sydney of Australia started to rain for few days from that very date.


Upasika Teh of Sydney wanted to help relieve Australia from the drought and numerous forest fires of this year, so she gathered some Buddhists to jointly ask me to offer a precious vase to the Dragon King to pray for rain. Originally they asked for one vase, and I immediately filled the vase for them. Soon afterwards there was a small rain out of the blue. Then more Buddhists joined the effort, and a second vase was prepared. Here in California both vases were offered into Dragon palace on November 28. Starting from that date it had rained in Sydney for several days. It came in the form of heavy thunder storms that dropped a lot of rain in a short time. So the drought has been lightened a tiny bit. This time when the rain started to come it came with a brief shower of hail. This was probably due to the fact that Australia had some hindrances that the Dragon King needed to send some forceful retinue to clear the hindrances first.

Today Upasaka Niu of Sydney emailed me to let me know that the heavy rain on Nov. 28 had inspired his whole family to have faith in Buddha. He also aspires to offer a vase to pray for rain in China where many regions are undergoing severe drought.

The first half of this year Taiwan also encountered a drought with such severity unheard of for decades. Buddhists in Taiwan asked me to pray to the Dragon King for rain. Consequently, in early July during my trip to Taiwan there was a typhoon that, not only did no damage but also brought tremendous amount of water to rain on and fill up two major dams in northern Taiwan. Such a heavy rain, had it fallen on cities, would surely have caused serious disasters. The Dragon King is so merciful and compassionate as to have blessed Taiwan in such a miraculous way. Our gratitude to him is beyond verbal expressions.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 3, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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