Daily Recording

Yutang Lin

Daily recording of insights worth more than biography;
Self-forgotten in spreading Dharma benefits all equally.
Sincerity pouring directly into cultivation of Bodhicitta;
Worldly manners and consideration are all distant away.


As insights gained through practices arise, they are readily recorded in poems or essays, and then released freely to the world. Compared with biographies, this is certainly a selfless approach to spreading the Dharma. Thus there is only the pure motive to cultivate Bodhicitta, and it is free from all sorts of meaningless worldly evaluations. Guru Chen used to say that the collection of his short poems, the Short Flute, could be read as his biography. Probably his intention was similar to this observation.

Written in Chinese on January 16, 2002
Translated on January 24, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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