Open Vision

Yutang Lin

Matters personal are too trivial to mention;
Suffering of beings we constantly care for.
Sympathize with the lack of coordination.
Situations all similar; adopt an open view.


Personal sorrows, even worried over, would not resolve. Recognize its minuteness; do not become thereby confined. Suffering in the six realms of transmigration is unfathomable. Nevertheless, most sentient beings would not know to escape, but are piling up entanglements instead. Therefore, we constantly pray on their behaves. Causal conditions are complicated; therefore, it is difficult to maintain a smooth and favorable course. Limited by situations, moves are all strenuous. Situations of sentient beings are similarly difficult and perilous. Regard one's own situation with an open view, and be at peace with accommodating to the given conditions.

Written in Chinese on March 27, 2002
Translated on March 28, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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