Leading to Buddhahood?

Yutang Lin

Not easy to distinguish right path of Dharma from wrong ones;
Could it suffice to lead to Buddhahood? Constantly reflect thus.
When one's preferences are in full swing it is already blinding;
Only an open mind standing on solid ground could see through.


Behaviors of a Dharma practitioner should not be judged as high or low from a worldly point of view. It could only be properly chosen through reflection and review on whether they are in accordance with Dharma principles that would lead to Buddhahood. Otherwise, it would be just commotion out of blindness, and would lead a multitude into delusion. From the worldly point of view, it would all seem grandeur and noble; from the Dharma point of view, it remains stagnant within transmigration in suffering. May sincere Dharma practitioners constantly reflect thus to stay on the right path!

Written in Chinese and translated on January 14, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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