Buddha of Conquest

Yutang Lin

Compassionate Buddha with epithet of "Victorious Conqueror,"
Taming of mind as if training a monkey, that took much effort.
Not in competition with worldly ways, just let go of attachment.
Conquest of partiality and selfishness yields eternal tranquillity.


Among the thirty-five Buddhas that absorb our sinful karmas through the repentance ritual one is called "Combat Victory." Why would a compassionate Buddha that is free from quarrels with the world be called "Combat Victory"? It is only because selfish inclinations are difficult to extinguish and grasping to self is deep-rooted that one must constantly uphold the right view of non-self on the path to enlightenment, in order to overcome the persistent thriving of "I want, I desire, I dislike, I fear" until all selfish ideas and partialities have been extinguished and one no longer lingers in wishful planning. Only then will one melt into absence of antagonism and enjoy eternal tranquillity.On the path of practices one needs various kinds of teachings and helps. However, at the juncture of choosing self-interests or Bodhi altruism it all depends on the person's purity of mind and thought. May all Dharma practitioners realize the significance of this point, and constantly apply efforts to overcome self-centered hindrances, so that all will follow the awakening path and escape from delusions.

Written in Chinese on October 31, 2002
Translated on November 4, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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