To Recognize the Common Fate

Yutang Lin

Circumstances encountered far apart, propensities differ,
Long- or short-lived, robust or feeble, as heaven to earth.
Two decades of Powa service built extensive connection;
Naturally realized that death is what we have in common.


Through the grace of Guru Chen's transmission of the Three-Kaya Powa practice I have been able to help deceased beings with such a service. Alas! All of a sudden it is about two decades past. Day and night names of deceased beings would be sent to me from Buddhists in many parts of the world for the Powa service. Consequently, I sense intuitively that for all sentient beings, whatever lives they lived, the only thing we all have in common is death. If people in the world would pay more attention to this universal common fate, there should be much less meaningless sorrows and sufferings in the world.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 27, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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