Yutang Lin

Without sizing one's strength, pushing ahead;
Success by chance is the beginning of sorrow.
Deluded ones gather lost ones to play turmoil.
Sunken deeply into mire, regret is just too late.


Incapable of carrying the load and without sizing one's strength, just pushing ahead to compete with others. If by chance such a person wins the upper hand to assume the position and apply the authority, then his mismanagement would start a sequence of disasters. The ignorant ones acting out of delusion would attract the lost ones and the blind ones. Prejudiced by karma they would join in creating turmoil. Consequently they would sink deeply in mire, and regret to no avail. The only way out then is to admit the mistake they had committed and try to make amends.

Written in Chinese on November 23, 2002
Translated on November 26, 2002

El Cerrito, California


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