Yutang Lin

That causes and consequences match is universally valid.
Lacking sufficient strength could hardly carry out the job.
Sincerity in profiting beings would win merciful blessing;
Buddhas would surely empower one to fulfill the mission.


In Buddhist Sutras we often read some Bodhisattva declaring that it is completely due to the compassionate power of Buddha that certain kinds of salvation mission could have been accomplished. This kind of declaration serves to illustrate their selfless humbleness and remembrance of Buddha's grace. In the past when I read Sutras I knew only this interpretation. Recently I experienced Buddha's blessing in the form of empowering force upon me, and afterwards I comprehended a deeper meaning in such passages:

For any matter to be accomplished all sorts of causal conditions must gather together in a conducive manner. When we practice salvation of sentient beings out of compassion there may be situations when our ability is not enough to handle the matter, then it would be difficult for us to carry on. However, if one's Bodhicitta motivation is genuine and ardent, at such junctures one will naturally be empowered by Buddha so that all kinds of causal conditions will gather into appropriate coordination to fulfill the salvation services.

I am making this comprehension public to share with all. May future practitioners be encouraged by this: Just dedicate oneself sincerely and completely, one will definitely be blessed by Buddhas.

Written in Chinese on December 18, 2002
Translated on December 19, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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