Time Will Tell

Yutang Lin

Passions and aspirations gradually end in smoke;
Dripping drops will naturally flow into a stream.
No desire to waste time in taking up discussions;
The changing course of events is beyond human.


Right or wrong, correct or incorrect, expectations and imaginations, appearing at one time like an illusion, soon it will end in smoke by itself. Whatever is done, purposely or not, drops and drips, deep or shallow traces, when looked back in the long run, it is there without slightest deviation. The changing course of events and situations is not a matter of just day and night. Endings and leanings are somehow traceable. All worldly affairs would gradually become apparent. Just face life with sincerity; no desire to explain or argue.

Written in Chinese on October 30, 2002
Translated on November 3, 2002
El Cerrito, California

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